Friday, October 31, 2008

2nd Day Foods in Chiangmai

Before we proceeded for our second round of golf we had to refuel our tummies as we needed the fuel for walking another 18 holes. We went to the food court of Central Airport Plaza for some Thai local foods. Stewed pork and egg with rice “Kao Kha Moo” with additional pork trotter,the lady preparing our Kao Kha Moo, spicy papaya salad called “Som Thum”, curry mee or “Kao Soi”. Not in picture were mango with glutinous rice and the wonderful passion fruit shake.

Our urge for food began after the tired game @ Royal Chiangmai Golf Resort and looking forward for free foods at the club house.
We were told by a pleasant lady that Mr. Varin (the owner of the golf course) celebrates his birthday every October 31 and if you want to enjoy golf at Royal Chiangmai and have free food and drinks come exactly on this date of the year. The nice lady also told us that the food stalls at the function were the best and famous operators found in Chiangmai. BBQ pork.The chicken rice corner. The fish ball noodle corner. There were also Thai satay, Thai PohPiah and the PohPiah stand. Coconut Ice cream. The flower arrangement of “Happy” with candles was awaiting to be officiated by Mr. Varin. We left without witnessing the event as it was getting late.

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