Sunday, December 20, 2009

4 Science (1974) Sultan Badlishah School Kulim Kedah

I am always excited whenever I receive nostalgic mail from old friends, the photo below is our old school in Kulim. This photo is so valuable that I can’t wait to share with my friends. And it has to come from Toronto. Thank you, Tamijudin for the photo, another one for my keeping.

Below is what was exactly mailed to me by Tamijudin on a Sunday morning.

"It is Saturday morning around 10 a.m. I am at home reading your mail with a "teh tarek halia' in hand. My wife makes it good. In mid winter months when the temperature dips to - 20 celcius the teh tarek is a blessing in disguise. Tai Lim my invitation is still open to you. Come visit Toronto in February to experience what I'm talking about.The festive season has begun. Christmas is always grand. Schools haveclosed for holidays. And major businesses and institutions are on theleisure/holiday mode. So if you are into share market, just hold.Don't sell! I am sure you have heard this a thousand times.About my Bahasa, I thought it would be gone and 'karat' by now . But, that's not the case . I think I am speaking the 'textbook' version of Bahasa. My words have become selective and I am more conscious in how I speak.I will sure let you know of my next trip home. Mean while, let us all keep in touch with the best of brotherly feelings. And Tai Lim please keep sending me the Happy happy spams as always.
Ps. I have attached the Form 4 science photo.This photo was taken on Saturday, 21 st September 1974. It was Form 4 science. I have made note of all the names and the date behind the photo for my own memory.A great way to share the memory with all of you, today.

Back Row: Missran, Lim Seng Tiang, Mah Teik Chuan, Mahmood,Bukhari, Manshor, Chong Ngu Tee, Sukunaselan, Zamri, Nordin, Mohd.Abd Rahman, Marzuki, Bakar, Mohd.Yusoff, Abdullah.

Centre : Abd.Rahman, Norliah, Tan Shiok Hwa, Lim Siew Fong, LimMoi Eng, Lai Bee Yong, Siti Aishah, Zainiah, Nor Azian, Nuriah.

Sitting : Shazali ( Monitor), Mr Cheah Kok Poh (EnglishTeacher), Mrs. Lim ( Chemistry), Uztaz Md. Isa (Ugama), Miss Loh (Maths), Mr. Lee (Additional Maths), Mr. Cheam Tah Wen (Head Master),Miss Neoh (Biology/ Form Teacher), Mr. Megat Junit (Senior Assistant),Mr. John Loh (Art&Craft), Miss Darma (Bahasa Msia) Miss Emily Ng (physics), Mr. Thagararajah (Geography)."


Faizul said...

Tai Lim,

I know 4 of the teachers. Nice to know that they were still there during your time. Kok Poh, John Loh, Thagarajah and Emily Ng(classmate?). Please post more school photo's.

Sin Tai Lim said...


Nice of you to visit my blog and I will try to post more photos of Badlishah. Saw your mail to Dave Lee, interesting connection we have. Best regards from me.

matSOM @ Dave Li Wanji said...

Hello here is another piece of gem. A picture from the past! SBS 1975 and many thanks to your buddy Tajimuddin. This is 15 years AFTER my time hehehe however those teachers' names are very familiar some even are my friends. One guy (teacher) here is also a "successful" BN politician and rose to becomae federal minsiter but he has died a few years back.
Hey bro keep this excellent work of updating abt news of our old school - SBS Kulim. Btw m still looking for a pic or 2 of our old old hometown Padang Serai (Kulim) of the late 1950s......

matSOM @ Dave Li Wanji said...

PS: Where is Tajimuddin in the picture? (He could not be the photographer!).

M said...

hello matSOM,

You are right. I am not in the picture. I think I 'goofed' off school on that day.hahahah.... Or the better reason; I think I had chicken pox around that time. maklumlaah! (the same excuse i gave when I 'tuang sekolah'). Btw, I visited your blog a few days ago. I saw quite a few pictures of pepole I knew in Kulim. Do you remember Mohd. Adam he was an ex St Patrick student early sixties. I am his nephew.

Capt Mahamood Ibrahim said...

Tai Lim,

The memories of those years in SBS 1974 & 1975.
Tq to Tamijudin for the photo.Nice to know that we still around to see each other again here.


Sin Tai Lim said...

Mahamood - It was nice to get to know each other again after all these years and hope more will emerge.