Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Pangkor Island Beach Resort 2011 - End Year School Holidays

It's time to bring the children out for a holiday together with our neighbour Ung. Our first stop, Restoran Ah Pek Lee Kou Hock at Kg. Cina, Sitiawan for lunch. GPS: N4 10.775 E100 40.855
The place is situated at a remote part of a kampong it was crowded with patrons and the restaurant was obviously under staf. There was a bit of confusion here and there but eventually came our food with a steamed fish to start off. Everyone was happy with the fish.
This is one dish I love most where you can hardly get it done this way in Kuala Lumpur. The squids were super fresh, chewy and delicious. I gonna miss this dish.
Most of us like the fried oysters in Sitiawan but I just don't really fancy it, I find it oily and hardly any feel of oysters in it.
If I compare the prawns I just had recently in Tawau, I prefer Tawau's. Though not as good looking as Tawau's but equally fresh and tasty in its own way.
These must be local oysters, they do not look as good as those imported but it tasted good.
La La Clams small in size and cooked as a soup with cucumber which I guess is common in Sitiawan. Not bad a dish to savour.
Fish maws cooked in a Hock Chew style with nice and interesting sourish taste something like a szechuan soup. I like it.
The children has to like this dish as the rest was not so attractive to them, this was the only fried dish on the table and like it or not they have no choice. We will order more fried dishes to satisfy the young ones in the next round.
Fried flower crabs another dish not so popular among the young children...sorry kids this is a seafood restaurant not McDonalds or KFC just bear with us...

Our cars were safely parked in a Government building nearby the jetty.
Boarded a boat to Pangkor Island Beach Resort from Lumut Jetty.
Welcome drinks awaiting us .... I knew it .... it's going to be "prison" in a way the moment we checked in.
Beautiful resort indeed and I remember the last trip I came here was back in the eighties and was known as The Pan Pacific Resort Pangkor.
There is a lot of hornbills in Pangkor Island, the beak is not red in colour like those in Sarawak. These birds are loud birds fortunately not angry birds.
Aunties taking a walk on the beach while the young ones having fun in the swimming pool & the sea water.
Fun, Fun, Fun, play, play & play so nice they do not have any worry or stress at all.
Restoran Makanan Laut Pangkor Hometown is a friend's sister shop along a  road where Coral Bay Resort is situated (Pasir Bogak). GPS : 4.209417,100.559986
We love the crabs and wanted more but this time in sweet & sour flavour..... so enticing......
This was for the kids "KFC" look alike....something to please the kids....
Steamed garoupa Teochew style was ideal. The freshness of the fish and the sourish taste were excellent.
It was crab again with spicy curry flavour ... how nice if we have some steamed "man tou" dumpling to go with it.
Fried oyster omelette was everyone's favourite.
Fried Mantis prawns were gorgeous they were fresh and juicy some even had roe in them.
Sweet & sour pork... for the boring kids and nothing sexy about this.
Deep fried squids were good and another happy moment for the children....
Mixed vegetable is always my favourite since college days and I still like it. I was happy the rest enjoyed this too.

Ham Yee Far Lum was not that attractive, a bit plain and wet for a salted slice pork belly.
That was the first day outing during a year end school holiday in Pangkor Island. We hired a taxi (van) to reach the town for local food and were happy to eat out instead in the hotel....


Kash said...

Dear Mr.Sin Tai Lim,

Greetings from Ireland. Wah, you are in my home state now. Actually, I live only 1 hour from Lumut. It has been a while since I've been there. Thanks for bringing back some memories for me and hope you and family enjoy Pangkor!

Sin Tai Lim said...

Kash - Nice to hear from you again. How long have been away? I guess you are from Kampar.. maybe Tapah just guessing,,,Have a good day in Ireland.

Kash said...

Dear Mr.Sin Tai Lim,

I've been away for 13 years and the age of 21. I'm originally from a small town called Pusing,about 20 minutes from Ipoh(Ipoh-Lumut Highway). I really enjoy reading all your posts. Brings back good memories of Malaysian food. Enjoy your holiday in Pangkor.