Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cameron Highlands After a Long Long Time

The last time I went to Cameron Highlands could be decades ago. This is Lata Iskandar a popular stop over for picnic at a waterfall or some shopping of the local produces.
The minute I parked my car next to this stall I asked this new found "brother" to open one of these king of fruits for me even though we just had lunch at Tapah.

The rest of the entourage was looking for me and found me eating durian here. They joined me for a lovely durian eating. RM5.00 per kg just in case you want to know the price.
The banana is sold at RM5.00 per kg 100% no fertiliser is used and 100% organic. A big bundle of "petai" for RM55.00.
 The traffic on a Saturday afternoon was bad upon reaching Tanah Rata, fortunately the apartment we were staying is just before the town. The setting was lovely just like England wet and cooling. It's going to be a a wonderful weekend at Cameron Highlands.
Let not stay too long in the apartment and let see places of Cameron Highlands.

The rain comes and go we were slightly hampered by it. We went around the town of Tanah Rata and took shelter from the wet weather. Our next plan was to travel up to Tringkap for dinner but it was a bad decision to have dinner there on a Saturday evening where the traffic was exceptionally heavy coupled with a night market at Brinchang. It was a long drive to and fro just to have dinner at Restoran Tringkap.

I was the first to sleep and first to wake up, I sneaked out of the apartment to this Indian Eating Shop for a hot tea and a packet of Nasi Lemak. The sky was still dark.

Took time to shoot some beautiful flowers around Green Hill Apartments.

A typical life in Brinchang town at a newspaper stand in front of a coffee shop.
A vibrant town with many hotels & apartments for tourists and also colourful in a way.

Our breakfast at a Hainanese Kopitiam @ Hong Kong Hotel, No.5 Jalan Besar Brinchang.

 Hi Ryan, victory we got food .......

Some of the faces in the "kopitiam".

Buying strawberry jam at the shop next door, it's all about strawberry in Cameron.
It was a tiring walk for this Uncle but a happy moment with his children encouraging him to complete the walk.
myFamily @ Greenhill Apartments.
At Bee Farm, a place we dropped by on our way home.
Another stop over to buy something back...strawberries, fruits & vegetables...
Sweet honey corn of Cameron Highlands, just eat it raw and it's so tasty.

A hybrid of orange & pomelo. Mummy please buy I want...
Bye bye Cameron and bye bye Lata Iskandar. See you next time.

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