Friday, December 02, 2011

Tawau Here I Come Again - Shan Shui Golf & Country Club

Our first stop for food in Tawau, Mee Soto @ Gerai Acil which was on our way to Shan Shui from the airport. GPS : 4.282012, 118.066801

Just wondering why they called it "Soto Banjar"
The chilli sauce for the noodle which they claimed to be burning hot but not a problem at all for us.
By the way this was the airline that flew us to Tawau.

Shan Shui Golf & Country Club here we come again.

 Shan-Shui Golf & Country Club was once voted as one of the best golf courses in Asia but not now. It's still a good golf course to play with many interesting characters for you to remember.

There were many crocodiles in this course incidents of golfers being bitten were heard and here are four as a caddy jokingly mentioned at the last hole.

 Our friendly opponents.....

 Another beautiful day on a beautiful golf course in Borneo.

Bro...... don't be too serious it's only a game.
The last I came here was to buy the super duper chilli sauce, this we were here for their mee soto.

Menu on wall..

My bowl of Beehun Soto with slices of beef.
Ass Burning Chilli "ABC" sauce where both my opponents were sweating profusely with ears as red as the red chilli....

Yummy Yummy Cafe
Kobota Square
Jalan Apas

Approximate gps : 4.257741,117.915058

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