Saturday, December 03, 2011

Good View Seafood Restaurant @ Tawau Here We come Again

We like Good View Seafood Restaurant so much that we visited twice consecutively.
Fresh, sweet  & succulent prawns with just a mere poach & and the taste was gorgeous.
Raw garouper fish eaten the sashimi way with wasabi was the best thing we did for the night..
The garouper fish head & whatever left from the fish were made into this fantastic soup. So bloody good....
Huge "see ham" cockles simply poach it & eat it with some chilli's so yummy leh...
Typical Sabah Veggie which is slightly different from those in Pennisula Malaysia ... tender & nice.
 Another shell fish...
This is what you see the inside of the sea snail. I like it with lime, garlic & chilli padi. So good leh...
Thick slices of Garouper fish stomach fried with sweet pinapple of Tawau was great. This fish stomach must be real big indeed.
The lime in Sabah is juicy but not our opponents. By the way, their beer were sweet.

Below were dishes on the second evening ....welcome back to Good View Seafood Restaurant.
La La Clams cooked with green spinach for a wonderful soup, everyone of us love it very much.
My friend like so much of fish stomach that he ordered again but this time fried together with sea cucumbers.
LOL ...again fish stomach, my goodness... this is cooked in black pepper . Hopefully no more ordering of fish stomach in the next makan!
Flower crabs fried with glass noodles the crabs were lovely but too much of glass noodle. My tummy cannot take it anymore especially bulky carbohydrate food.
The fish as usual is always fresh in Tawau but that was not the way we wanted to be cooked, we wanted it raw again with ginger slices & vingear like the last trip I had last year.
Kayu Manis stir fried with eggs and another plate of Sabah Veggie.

Hello where is the raw lobster we are supposed to have??? I guess we had enough seafood for the moment hopefully some other cuisine for a change.

Good View Seafood Restaurant
Jalan Chen Fook, Tawau
GPS : 4.242505,117.888084

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The Yum List said...

So we have to head all the way over to Sabah for good seafood? :-)

Sin Tai Lim said...

The Yum List - why not Sabah is a beautiful state.