Friday, December 09, 2011

Day 2 - Pangkor Island 2011

Good Morning Pangkor Island ..... fishermen in action in front of the resort.

City folks amazed by the fishing activity in the early morning.
A basket full of fishes big & small, they should let loose the smaller fishes....
Breakfast @ Pangkor Island Beach Resort

Rented a bicycle to see the surrounding...

Ung is away from the busy life in the city and relaxing at the pool side
Auntie Zelin helping the boys into their kayaks.

While Clara is not going into the sea but enjoying her ice cream.
The boys were having a good time kayaking and definitely a good experience for them.

When are they coming from from sea ..... little Krystal is waiting...
These three adults secretly hiding themselves in a room and spent hours playing mahjong..... what a holiday.
Indoor activities such as playing pool.
Sun was setting and it was time to get out of the resort for food.
Restoran Pasir Bogak


commonly known as "Kou Loh" which means "tall guy". GPS : 4.209588,100.559808
Besides this restaurant there are shops selling dry marine stuff, mini market, souvenirs and a resort called Coral Bay.

Battered fried prawns.
Fried squids with oat.
Egg omellete.
Sweet & sour pork ribs.
La La Clams fried with ginger & spring onions.
All time favourite sweet & sour pork for the kids.
This is my favourite dish steam fish in Thai style, the soup was awesome which came with a bowl of it.
Fried fish with spicy gravy over it not so friendly for the kids.
And lastly a four heavenly king vegetable fried to complete a meal for 13 hungry people just released from a "prison" resort.

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