Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sigalong Golf & Country Club @ Semporna, Sabah

I like this remote golf course away from the city madness & pollution.
This is one golf course not so popularly known to golfers specially those from Peninsula Malaysia. This is seen from the main road from Tawau to Semporna and required another 5km to reach our destination.
It was about an hour drive from Tawau to this oil palm plantation in Semporna.
The design of this club house is simple & practical.
We were fresh in the morning and looking forward walking the 18 holes for a verdict.
The affiliation with other golf clubs outside this oil palm plantation.
The underneath of the roof covering made of timber called Berlian.
The score card.
Just in case you want to be a member of this golf club, here is the information that might interest you.
The walk path leading to the main entrance of the club house which is made of solid timber.
Before we start the battle, a photo session for the record before any injury & good luck.
Here we go ready to roll and everyone was in high spirit including our caddies.
Chiam sorting out with the caddy and ready to tee off.
See what I mean, we are in the middle of nowhere in a plantation in Borneo.
And the fight was intense....
The search for stray ball does happen once a while.
At middle way we see other golfers at play & a sign board at the entrance of Sigalong. 

This was a tricky hole with a huge pond before the green.
Resting and waiting for the shower to stop at the last hole.
Off we go & back to Tawau for food.

ADDRESS. Mile 45, Tawau-Semporna HighwayTawau,
TELEPHONE, FAX. 089-975111, 089-975445
GPS : 4° 26' 20.06"N, 118° 18'09.19"E

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