Monday, June 09, 2014

A Night Ride to Metropolitan Park

By the time we completed riding round the park it was total dark at certain areas. Somehow we were equipped and found our way out to the crowd.
A group cycling enthusiasts gathered at Lake Titiwangsa for a small adventure riding through the city to a public park. We cycled for more than 30 kilometers for the evening. And together with us for the first time was a TV celebrity Baki Zainal of 8TV we were honoured to have him with us.
A total of 9 of us rode despite it was raining like dogs and cats fortunately it stopped in time for our evening adventure. Though it was a wet evening but the cooling weather was ideal for cycling.
Wherever we could avoid heavy city traffic we will do it, such as using the river side path at Jalan Ipoh.
The plan was to reach the park as early as possible so that we can enjoy the scenery.
The sky was about to turn dark when we reached the park immediately we captured this. Obviously World Cup football fever is coming.
The most interesting spot was the floating platform ..... such a beautiful scenery and yet it was like deserted.
Some were already hungry by the time we reached Ipoh Road. Joe & Alex were waiting for us at the restaurant to have dinner together.
1 Stop Cafe was an excellent place for us, parking our bicycles was easy. 

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