Thursday, June 05, 2014

Friday Night Ride through Penchala to Bandar Menjalara

This weekly Friday night ride was organised by My Bicycle Shop starting from Bandar Utama and there is always a carrot for the fellow riders to pedal. The common question always asked is where are we eating later on after the ride.....
This ride was basically going through Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kg. Sg Penchala, Desa Park City and before arriving at Bandar Menjalara. There was a detour to Damansara Perdana to accompanied a last minute rider for the adventure and it was an additional unexpected distance, strenuous but a good one indeed.
I always love to cycle at Kg. Sg. Penchala, the air is fresh and serene, it is away from the hectic traffic of Kuala Lumpur except on that night we met these cows and their aromatic dungs.
One of the many climbs at the kampong we took, it was painful as we struggled to ascend them but it was all worth the while.
At last we reached the Emporer's Palace for an ultimate reward.
Delicious roast duck awaiting to pamper us for the hard work we put in.
All tummies being fully filled up and reluctantly we left the Palace and headed back home.
The path of total darkness at Penchala where we depended on our heade lights, some were bright some were dim and some without we just rolled on and adapt accordingly in the dark.
This was an interesting crossing of a construction site beneath NKVE we were like smugglers taking an illegal crossing.
Finally it's back to the mad world, an awefully good workout on a Friday night. Many of us did not expect the ride to be so tough but everyone was satisfied with the so called punishment.
 Cheers! we shall do more.

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