Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Restoran Hao Yi Lou, Tapah - 好義樓飯店

Only after 4 attempts I managed to eat here, On 2 occasions it was closed and the third we were too late for anymore serving. It was crowded when we came though it still early and was able to grab a table for 12. The pricing is found to be very reasonable and way below our estimation.
Paku veggie fried with sambal belacan was good and tasty.
Braised pig tail with peas and groundnuts was another awesome choice.
Simple steamed la la clam with lots of spring onions topping was as good too.
Tapah produces lots of petai you can get them from the Orang Asli or the many traders found nearer to the town. And this serving of assam petai prawn was gorgeous even the the onions were delicious too.
Assam steamed Tilapia fish was tender and super delicious.
The only one dish that I stayed away that was this Sang Cheong, pig fallopian tube ... I just simply do not like it ...hahaha.
Kam Heong Wong Sin (eel) was the mother of all the dishes we had 2 plates when one was not enough. So this is definitely a must try dish not only in Hao Yi Lou but most of the restaurants in Tapah.
What a coincidence I met Hon Lim & his family it was also their first time at this restaurant, I hope they enjoyed the food too.
While waiting for your food to be served try the rojak buah nothing like in Penang but interesting and spicy enough to tickle you.
The kueh mueh was surprisingly good, do also give it a try.
Restoran Hao Yi Lou
2, Persiaran Tapah Indah 1/3
Taman Tapah Indah 3
Tapah, Perak
Tel: 05-401-8148, 016-532-8678/012, 012-463-5590
GPS : 4.217254,101.277561

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