Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Short Stint at Sg. Udang, Province Wellesley by Bicycles

It was a journey back to Penang from Kuala Lumpur with my buddy Joseph as usual we like to take detour to steal a short ride from our monotonous travel to see bits and pieces of beautiful Malaysia. This time we picked Nibong Tebal 高淵 with a plan to cycle towards to sea.
Our destination was set for Sg. Udang a small fishing village and as soon as we arrived at Nibong Tebal we took out our 2 wheels and started with a straight ride along Jalan Atas for the discovery.
Nibong Tebal is the largest town in South Province Wellesley (now known as Seberang Prai) with interesting places of attraction such as firefly sanctuary, nice and relaxing kampong homestay and good Teochew foods like crab porridge. Over the years many prewar shops have left been dilapidated and many have vanished if we do not take preservation of these priceless buildings we could only see them in photographs in the future and that will be a pitiful case.

Still along Jalan Atas and not too far away from the town we began to see Malay houses as we moved towards the coast.
Sign of fishing boats started to excite us and there were many whenever we were close to the river.
We took off our direction to check the inner community the people were very friendly and easy going I just wish we could stay a bit longer to share more with them.
The atmosphere is awesome so green, quiet and pure.
And we were out of the inner kampong and back to the route for the fishing village.
Surprisingly we found this cycle path by the State Government but we did not venture into it maybe the next time.
So this is Sg. Udang fishing village, looks like the houses have transformed from timber to concrete. This road leads to a dead end and one of many platforms to harbour the fishing boats.
The dead end awaiting for boats with fishes.
View from the edge as boats returning home with their catch.
The locals moving around in the town mostly with motorbikes and bicycles.
Irrigation canals for oil palm plantations and paddy fields running parallel with the road we were using. Time was going against us we had to return to our car and head for Penang island. This lovely short stint took a ride of 21km and I hope we can come back again for more of this place. Bye bye Sg Udang we might come back again!!!

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