Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sentosa Corner Bukit Mertajam 圣陶莎茶餐室

Our northern food trail continued .....Sentosa Corner is a popular makan joint in Bukit Mertajam located off the main road of Jalan Kulim and it has lot of food stalls and the most popular seems to be BM Yam Rice.
The Char Koay Teow passed my grade though it was not really spectacular.
The feedbacks from our food adventurers is not so favourably for this Hokkien Mee a.k.a Prawn noodle hence I have to recommend a better one for them (hopefully).
Stewed soya sauce pork belly and intestines were part of BM Yam Rice serving.
Wow! spare parts of kidney, stomach, intestines etc etc in plain preserved veggie (kiam chai) soup....all tasted good!
An overall look of BM Yam Rice
Wan Tan Mee of Sentosa Corner
Curry Mee has a fairly good liking from the group.
I love this pan mee though it boring by the look but it's delicious and the chilli sauce was strikingly good.
Jawa Mee is another favourite choice of food in the northern region.
The group having finished with their breakfast and ready to go visiting.
I took the chance to cycle from Kulim to and fro and it was a lovely nostalgic ride.
Sentosa Corner 圣陶莎茶餐室
Off Jalan Kulim
Bukit Mertajam
GPS : 5.353672, 100.472215

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