Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kg. Baru Rumah Kak Muna's Super Duper Bakso

I have been showing friends this little hideout at Kg. Baru whenever I pass by and thanks to Hans for the lead. Eventually I managed to savour this Indonesian beef meatballs and it was awesome. People called Gerai Mak Muna but I called it Rumah Mak Muna you actually eat it at her living area.
Students from a nearby school seems to like this incredible hideout for a good food and hangout.
What an unique way to serve cold drinks.
My share of Kak Muna's Bakso on one hot afternoon. The chilli sauce is explosive and burning (ABC ass burning chilli)....kinda having swollen lips after finishing this bowl but it was really satisflying.
Besides a standard bakso there are add-ons such as tendon and tulang.
A standard bowl of Mak Muna's Bakso.
Baki said it's original and awesome on our earlier visit.
Well now we know where to get a good and delicious Indonesian noodle delicacy called Bakso.

Bakso Gerai Kak Muna
Off Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman (near Kelab Sultan Sulaiman)
Tel : 016-3141062
GPS : 3.160918,101.701504


sirdonski said...

Great little find! Loving the ABC hot sauce!

QL Chef

tailim sin said...

sirdonski - thanks for visiting here ...hahaha ABC is simply gorgeous!!!

wanisan said...

Will definitely visit this place asap.

wanisan said...

Will definitely visit this place asap.