Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Ride from Genting Sempah to Janda Baik

Janda Baik is a kampong on a highland in the District of Bentong Pahang, a Malay Reserve land located on the slopes of the Main Range and it is about 600 meters above sea level. The weather is comfortable with many greenery and flowers.... and our game plan was to ride to Janda Baik from Genting Sempah. Thanks to Harry Chan for initiating and leading us to an amazing destination.
The response was good despite it was a short notice I decided to join the group the very morning itself. 
A total of 16 of us appeared for this ride but there are only 15 in this group picture, the No.16 was Christopher Lee who cycled from home, Sri Gombak my salute to him....
The distance to Janda Baik from Genting Sempah is about 16km though it was short but it had several challenging climbs to tackle.
Our first stop at a forest reserve rest area.
Hutan Lipur Konifer is recreational natural park at the entrance gate of Janda Baik. We did not go in this time but we might consider to visit it next time.
One of the steep climbs before entering Kampong Janda Baik.
Bike pushing is no shame so long as we can reach our destination and have fun.
This cooling land is popular among bikers, cyclists and visitors staying at the many homestay houses or resorts.
A spot where an ice cream man was very happy serving these dehydrated cyclists.
Here we were at a secluded river with cool and clean water. This is the entrance bridge to a resort and that was our picnic spot.
It was back to childhood days where we enjoyed having fun with the chilling water.
 I had some nice moment capturing these beautiful small dragon flies. They were really friendly indeed. 

 Well this would be one of the best places we have visited with our bicycles ...  beautiful Janda Baik truly amazing we should patronise these resorts more instead of spending our money overseas. 

The awesome 16 riders.
After the wonderful time at Janda Baik we headed to Bukit Tinggi Village (which has turned into a "commercialised" eating and marketing venue) for our lunch. 
Business is always lively during weekends and public holidays ... prices might not be cheaper if you compare with Kuala Lumpur but in the spirit of buying and spending some money during holidays ... why not.
Patric bought some vegetable back home ... bro, you still have room in your panniers how about some old Bentong ginger...
A lunch at a lesser crowded restaurant in Bukit Tinggi village.
Check here for a posting of my previous visit to Restoran Kolam Ikan, Bukit Tinggi.
All tummies being satisfied, all places seen for the day and it's time to climb back to our base ... reluctantly as usual after a good lunch we pedaled back and surely as usual we were safely back homes.
I met Freeman, my business associate who were also in Bukit Tinggi together with his family after their weekly outdoor activities, Ever since I poisoned him with bicycles he is not looking back at all and they are everywhere seeing places with 2 wheels most of the time during the weekends & public holidays.  .... Well done Freeman!!!
The 33km route we sweated and marked for the day.

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