Friday, June 27, 2014

Ais Krim Pulut @ Kg. Baru Kuala Lumpur

I was excited didn't know there is such a dessert called Ais Krim Pulut. It was Farid, a local Kg. Baru boy and a friend who took us to try this homemade glutinous rice ice cream.
Pak Cik must be glad to see us (17 cyclists) patronising his stall after a brief sightseeing at the surrounding of this Malay Village within the city of Kuala Lumpur. The exact location of this ice cream stall is at the junction of Jalan Raja Uda and Jalan Raja Daud in front of a Thai seafood restaurant, Mr. Johan Seafood. 
The homemade ice cream is a mixture of durian and vanilla and that is the only flavour by Pak Cik. Apparently he came from Thailand and has been in this trade in Kg. Baru for a donkey's years. The ice cream is either served in paper cups or in buns. The price of the cup ice cream is currently selling at RM2.00
The cup glutinous rice ice cream coated with groundnut chips and condensed milk. My cyclists buddies find it unique and yummy.
These days it is quite difficult to find a homemade ice cream in the market especially those with a long record of operation. My salute to this long lasting trade.
The cold ice cream in a stainless bucket ready to serve you.
Despite there were so many customers waiting Pak Cik could easily handle the situation it must the experience of selling the same thing over the years.
The glutinous rice.
I guess this is a rare scene of a lively patronisation at Pak Cik's stall surrounded with aliens and small bicycles.
Pak Cik was a sport to take a group picture with us. You must try it before our man ceases his operation. Hidup Pak Cik!!!
Ais Krim Pulut
Jalan Raja / Jalan Raja Uda Junction
Kg. Baru
GPS : 3.165466, 101.702837

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Farzree Jabar said...

i've been his customer for long...and yet seems no one could have a same taste as him. i love his aiskrim pulut.