Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1977 - After H.S.C. Examination (Update)

This is an update of my previous blog of my Pre-U days in Kuala Lumpur.
I stole these images from Koor Siew Hwa’s blog, I was excited to find out that my friend has started blogging. My congratulation to Koor Siew Hwa and my advance “Thanks 2 Siew Hwa” for the images I stole from him. I think and I hope that he does not mind it.
He looks great during Jit Sin High School days in fact his appearance did change much, well done. I still remember our Math tuition nights in Kulim, he was always good in his mathematics.
It’s nice to see Ooi Soo Keat with Koor Siew Hwa during the last Chinese New Year. He still looks very good, guess life in Kulim is more relaxing and less stressful…At least I know how he looks like…Hope to meet him in the near future.

Below is my previous blog posted on 02 September 2007.

Immediately after we finished our examination and before we go back to our respective hometowns, we decided that we have a farewell trip to Genting Highland. Front row from right is Low Meng Kong, Ooi Soo Keat, Jack Lim Tow Fuh, Kluang Boy & Jeff Yap Sin Fong. Back row from right is myself, Koor Siew Hwa, Andy Ng Heng Kheng, Lee Sek Joo, Tan Hooi Lan, Lim Yeok Tooh, Elaine Chan Sow Lian, Ho Tick Choong, Tan Teow Choon and Ng Peck Eng.

All 15 of us cramped in this hotel room, student mah, money not enough you know..These are the lucky 5 whom are the quickest to "jom" sleeping space. Wonder how the remaining 10 slept that night. All on the floor. What a splendid moment. Of the 15, only 3 I have lost contact, they are Meng Kong (heard he's in Melbourne), Soo Keat (in hometown Junjong, Kulim) and Kluang Boy. On the bed, you have a KL businessman, a Corporate lawyer, Assistant School Principal from Singapore, a Hotelier and happy happy.

Jeff and myself were the longest survivng housemates in campus life. After pre-U, we continued to share accomocadation in Taman Genting. He took accountacy. I could not go anywhere for my further study except TARC. In fact, my result was so bad that I was in the waiting list for Building Technology (fortunately at the last minute, I managed to secure a place). FYI, I got 4 Elephants for my science subjects & 3 for General Paper. Unversities' doors were too small for my Elephants. Thank you TARC. Do you know the Argentines football player, Lionel Messi? He looks like this Jeff friend, right. We do played football at that time on concrete floor in Taman Genting, I think we are still good in our dribbling, right, Jeff!


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