Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Restoran ZK Fish Head Curry @ Kampong Attap, Kuala Lumpur

This could be the mother of all fish head curry in the whole of Kuala Lumpur. From a humble shed, ZK has invaded and took control of the shop (corner) nearby and business is still ever good. It’s getting expensive each time you patronise the place. This Fish Head Curry itself costs RM65.00. A red snapper.

I enjoyed this simple sliced onion & green chilli with dark soya sauce and a squeeze of lime in it. It’s really tasty.

A plate of good protein which is a mere stir fried taugeh (bean sprout).

Mutton Curry is also good and available.

GPS location : 3 8’ 31” N, 101 41’ 43” E.


wong chee kok said...

Hi Tai Lim,

This is Wong Chee Kok from the class of 1981 BD3. Caught up with Francis Oon the other day he told me about your blog. Cool stuff! But you have always been the artistic type since TARC days.
I am in Melbourne Australia for 20 yrs now. Look forward to connecting with more old classmates. Keep up the good work


wong chee kok said...

well, I was among the quiet ones like Boon Tong, Lindsay & Francis who sat in front rows and I did finish the Building diploma and worked with QS firm JUBM for 2 yrs before leaving for Study in Australia.
I was back in KL & work for Pakatan International from 85 to 88, I was the project QS for shah Alam mosque