Monday, May 11, 2009

hApPy Mother’s DaY

The happy mothers at the celebration.

Last night we celebrated the commercial Happy Mother’s Day at our neighbour’s house (Ung Family), good idea to do it at home, need not have to frustrate ourselves with ton of disappointment when dining out in the commercial places.
The theme of the dinner was Beggar’s clay cooking, Ung packed these delicacies from Ulu Kelang Beggar’s Chicken for the function. Hammer for dinner….. These are dishes we have not tried in our previous visit and Ung was nice enough to pack back for everyone. Curry big prawns…. Fried Tofu….. Pork trotter….

Curry fish head packed from the popular Sri Rampai shop..

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Somewhere in Singapore said...

As usual, hungry after seeing the yummy yummy foods...