Friday, May 08, 2009

Vietnamese Noodles Sri Sinar, Segambut

This is a revision of my previous posting of this Vietnamese eatery place at Sri Sinar, Segambut dated 15 October 2007 where I took Jo & Zu Yi here at Restoran Kah Hing. This time, Shou Yi has the chance to savour the food and he loves it.
The Lady Boss, a Vietnamese has changed her dishes to suit the taste buds of the locals, you see no basil leaves, no mint leaves and no beef here in Kah Hing. That is what the local want it to be.

Vietnamese rice noodle serves in dry style or known as “Kon Loh Koay Teow” which comes with fine chicken stripes, minced pork meat, dark soya sauce, taugeh and lard. It is smooth and fine in texture.
A small bowl of soup with 2 nice fish balls for the dry noodles.
This is the interesting part of the adventure, stewed pig trotter with a egg in this clay pot. What a delicious dish to supplement our breakfast.

A popular dish of Vietnamese Spring Rolls, fluffy on the outside but crunchy on the inside.
Sauce for the spring rolls.
Powerful dry chilli powder for those who want extra chilli oomh in their food.

Plain koay teow soup is delicious with fish ball, pork and chicken.

This Vietnamese coffee is a must try for coffee lovers.

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