Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Morning Walk to Tsun Jin High School

This is a good morning walk to school in the city where you breathe in the polluted city air especially from the commercial vehicles on the road. A walk you will enjoy old architectural of Kuala Lumpur.
The no of railway lines at Kuala Lumpur Railway Station is not as many as other cities in the World, we have only 4 railway lines here at this station.

This is the old beauty of Kuala Lumpur Railway Station which is still in operation. The main activity of the train station has moved to KL Sentral.

The external progress of the school Multi Purpose Hall as viewed from the Main entrance of the school.

The Stage of the Multi Purpose Hall.

The front view of the second building, the Lecture Theatre or also referred as the Auditorium.

This is the inside of the proposed Auditorium without the finishes and roof covering.

The side view as seen from San Peng Road (Shell Petrol Station).

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