Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Breakfast @ Tung Fang, Jalan Temenggong, Melaka

We left Everly Resort (formerly known as Riviera) and took a cruise around Melaka town hunting for a place for breakfast.

As there was another vehicle with hungry tummies following me, I have to pick and decide a place as quickly as possible.
Before I could reached a targeted place I saw a crowded place called Tung Fang along Jalan Temenggong and decided to stop for breakfast.

The fried noodle stall seems to be busy where Xiang Yi tried the Wah Tan Hoh (Cantonese Fried Koay Teow) and said "it was good and satisfying" (sorry I did not take any picture of it). My Mum walking towards the stall.

The place was really crowded & has to take a while to "jom" a place to sit...

The Chee Cheong Fun (Hong Kong style) was good.

I tried the Malaccan Curry Laksa noodle, it's different from Kuala Lumpur Laksa, looks creamy but not actually. It was a right venture, a good bowl of Malaccan Curry Laksa indeed.

The most popular stall among all was the fish ball noodle stall (by judging from the longest time to get the dish and the crowd around the stall). My mum and Aunty took this dish

This is the dry version where the rice noodle is served without the soup.

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