Saturday, June 27, 2009

Royal Selangor Club AGM 27 June 2009

It is time to vote for a new President and General Committee Members for the next term. There is all kind of people in this club there are those who like to criticize the efficiency of the General Committee Members or the Presidents. These people should offer themselves to serve the club rather than always criticizing the club. And this is the best time to offer themselves to the members their qualities they have and prove to the members of the RSC that they are good and capable of running the club. The have been 2 “Coup D’etat” in this club and for twice the whole of GC members including the Presidents were removed from office. This group of club members is good in organizing any removal of office bearers as and when they feel like it.
Well, this is club politic just like any politic seen in Malaysia. If these members think so badly of the club and do not want to offer themselves to be nominated for any post in the GC line up than I would think they should sell off their memberships and stay away from RSC.
This is the first kind of people in the club and they are the deadly type. There are others but too much to talk here, just would like to come to the club enjoy the drinks and facilities. Most importantly stay away from any politic in the club. Happy clubbing.

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