Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Korean B.B.Q @ Korean Community (Ampang)

For a moment you might think that you are in Korea but actually you are in Taman Ampang Utama, the road is full of Korean sign boards and mostly the shops are Korean restaurants. I was recommended to visit this restaurant “Korean B.B.Q” as seen here located at the second block of the left row as you travel into the road. The restaurant is just next to a mamak shop.
This bottle of Soju @ RM16.00 and apparently this wine “Chum Churum” is quite popular in Korea and it is served cold.
The setup of the Korean B.B.Q. dinner...... Lots of green lettuce, cut garlic, cut green chillies, kimchi and soup. All these are free. If you are a garlic lover you must then try this Korean wonder.
This is the marinated pork meat & ribs (Deisy Khalvi @RM22.00 per portion), once barbequed it tastes fabulous especially with the cold soju…
And the basic pork belly (Sam Gayp Sal) RM17.00 per portion.
This place not only serves B.B.Q. it also sells Korean pork, beef and mutton. The reason I was recommended to this place is because the pricing is reasonable and food is good.
B2-1, Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2
Taman Ampang Utama
Ampang, Selangor
GPS guide : 3.155332,101.752313

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worldwindows said...

I like those 3 layer pork from the Korean BBQ. Amazingly delicious. My fave together with their beef soup.