Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Restoran Nice Soup Gang @ Taman Daya, Kepong

On 7 August 2003 I came to this restaurant with almost the same people for dinner where I had to leave earlier for another appointment and ended me up with a road accident @ MRR2. Jimmy Lim recalled the incident and I definitely can remember it. I knocked somebody down….. Anyway here I am again in Nice Soup Gang Restaurant for another great meal.

We started off with an interesting appetizer, a sweet and sour salad with sea jelly grass.

Fried tapioca noodle in an interesting thin and transparent noodle.

Chicken being cooked something like sweet & sour way but not exactly, interestingly you get cashew nuts & a bit of curry flavour in it....

Fried pumpkin which was thinly sliced and tasted sweet & nice.

Stewed pork belly on fish fillets. This seems to become a trend in some restaurants a combination of stewed pork belly and steamed fish.

Shark's skin cooked the way shark's fins is normally done.

Stir fried veges

The many wall clocks seen at the restaurant.

Fried rice found to be a bit oily but tasted good......

Steamed and salted village chicken was yummy and juicy.

Two good buddies enjoying the evening. What a wonderful company at Nice Soup Gang Restaurant.

Besides the many type of exotic soups found in this place, Nice Soup Gang is always creative with new dishes to attract customers for new and interesting indulgence.

Mr. Choong Chee Meng de Owner
8 Jalan Daya 11, Taman Daya, Kepong
tel: 03 6272 5988
GPS location : 3°13'25"N 101°38'17"E


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