Thursday, June 04, 2009

Indian Food Stall – Belfield Road, Kg Attap (KL)

I was informed by a friend of this good Indian Food stall at Jalan Belfield, Kampong Attap. It is located just behind Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, The Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall but separated by a fencing wall.
The stall was still crowded despite the time was already 2.15pm and most of the dishes were finished and remaining some limited left over.

This place seems to becoming popular and I will definitely come back again for more dishes the next time.
Approximate GPS location : 3.138976,101.698524

I took a plate of plain rice and filled it up with a broken piece of curry fish, curry chicken and stir fried long bean for a price of RM7.00.

The curry fish was lovely, thick and creamy with strong flavour of curry powder. The curry chicken was also delicious well cooked to the right softness.
Another lovely place for makan....

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Jeremy Wong said...

Cool pictures and nice commentary on curries etc, especially the Malacca and N.Sembilan ones. Seremban is my home town, and the hakka noodle in Seremban central market food stall is not bad.