Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chung Hwa (CH) Restaurant @ Setapak

A dinner was arranged to mark the comeback of Mr. Goh Teng Sir to KGT with a small golf (one 9) tournament. Our dinner was held at Restoran CH, Setapak. This is also a place where old boys of Chung Hwa Chinese School would meet at the upstairs.

The winner of the game, Daniel Kwan….Goh Teng Sir presenting to prize.

TC is at work and quick in his System 36 computation.

Dinner sponsored by Goh Teng Sir.

Chunchy stir fried Kai Lan.

Tasty steamed Kampong Chicken..

A pot of fresh and delicious Yong Tau Foo.

A dish of Fish Head with mushroom, corn, bean etc etc...

Stewed Pork Belly with yam... Whiskey courtesy of the Restaurant Owner..

Jalan 7/23A
Off Jalan Usahawan
Tel: 03-4148 1799
GPS Location : 3.197945,101.719494

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