Monday, June 01, 2009

Teo Soon Loong Chan Teochew Restaurant @ Jonker Area

This is one special Teochew Restaurant found in the vicinity of Jonker Street, a popular shop with limited tables in the restaurant (about 7 tables only). The boss is Mr. Tan Tong Choon assisted by his 2 sons Seong Meng & Seow Sim, both are as “botak” (bald) as me. A shop with distinguished characteristics that stays……

The 2 sons at work where I managed to cajole them for photography.
They were such a good sport. The Teochew showing off the roasted suckling pig..

Oysters cooked with black sauce and noodle (mee). Everyone enjoyed this wonderful Oyster Noodle.
Sea cucumber cooked with braised peanuts. The sea cucumber is found to be too soft should be succulent and bouncy when bit other than that it was a good dish.

Suckling pig roasted at the kitchen (right in front of the shop). This delicacy is well cooked with no unpleasant smell but not as crispy as it should be. Try to avoid this dish if you want to walk out the place happier (expensive neh...).

The Teochew streamed Pompret (another costly dish) but delicious….

Special dumpling which I find it nothing that's special.

This is a gorgeous dish - bitter gourd with pork ribs underneath.
Something tasty and unique.

A kind of Teochew roll with lots of ingredients in it and it was done deep fried.

The boss showing us how his 0% cholesterol Or Nee should be done (no pork lard).
The healthy Or Nee was nice and yummy.
These two elderly "sons" both born in the Year of the Dragon (wish I can live that long)......
For more photos view here

Teo Soon Loong Chan
55 Second Cross Street
MUST call for reservation 06-282-2353
to avoid disappointment....

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