Monday, October 18, 2010

Buying Fresh Fishes & Prawns Back to Kuala Lumpur

Before the 3rd dinner of our trip, we went to Milek Perkasa Light Industrial Estate to visit a sea product packing outlet and we bought some fishes and prawns for our homes. We were fortunate to be brought there as this place is solely for wholesaling. We were entertained a Mr. Lim and he sold his goods to us at a very cheap price. Though these sea products were already frozen but these were still very fresh .
These unfrozen crabs and prawns were meant for our consumption later in the evening.

These are the Red Snapper Fishes & the Chicken Fishes.

Tiger Prawns freshly frozen.

Mr. Lee wanted this Red Snapper back home.

Thanks to Jimmy Quek for this special visit.

I must say I regretted buying too little back home after eating these seafoods. Everyone at home enjoyed very much of the freshness of these fishes and prawns. Next time I will buy more from Tawau.

Below were what we have done with these purchases at my in-laws' house.
These were great dishes whether you bake it, steam it or sauce it with Nyonya gravy, they were so marvelous.


foodbin said...

what a feast !

Sin Tai Lim said...

Once a while lah. I have been suffering a swollen ankle for the last 1 week, just don't know whether is gout or ankle sprain.But it's getting better now. Thank goodness.

worldwindows said...

Fantastic seafood!