Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rasa Sedap Coffee Shop @ Jalan Bunga, Tawau, Sabah

This Rasa Sedap Coffee Shop is situated at the opposite end of a block of shop houses where we were staying. It was so convenient that we had several meals there including the easy availability of Tiger beer.

Below shows one of our quick lunches we had at this coffee shop.

Two fried noodle – Fried Bihun and a Cantonese Fried Yee Mee (the Yee Mee here was not as good as in Kuala Lumpur).

These were the wonderful Wild Boar Meat cuisine served in two flavours, one in curry style and the other in braised version.

And lastly, Guinness pork ribs to pair with our beer.

An early morning breakfast where we took a wonderful fresh fish soup including fish paste & fish balls.
Our friendly opponents in Tawau Golf, Francis Yeoh & AS Lee were enjoying their hot & delicious fish soup.

One of the dry noodles served here for instant the Kon Loh Mee.

Just to show you my plate of this wonderful breakfast.

It is the stall providing us the fabulous breakfast cooked by this nice Hakka Auntie.

Rasa Sedap Coffee Shop

Jalan Bunga



GPS : 4.2463,117.889201

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