Friday, October 15, 2010

Tawau Golf Club (Town Course) - Our 1st Experience

We failed to complete our morning golf at Hot Spring Course as it was raining non stop for the whole morning and we decided to call off the game at Hot Spring.

After our lunch we decided to play at the other golf course of Tawau Golf Club which is a 9 hole course, this is the original course of this Tawau Golf Club and situated at the town itself.

The weather was prefect after the prolonged rain in the earlier part of the day.

Basically it is a simple & flat golf course and it is a good walking course.

As usual caddies are easily available.

 The orange players had a good round of golf. But most importantly we had a good sweat from this walk.


Julian Si said...

Looks good!! Well kept, and lots of water (GRRR!).

Cheers from Abu Dhabi ..

ps - Your friend on the last shot, in orange, looks like he has a really good swing!

Sin Tai Lim said...

Julian - His shot looks good, it was only a pre swing. His ball is still on the ground.
Best wishes to Abu Dhabi.