Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Wonderful Dinner Hosted by Jimmy Quek & Friends From Tawau

Jimmy Quek & friends from Tawau hosted a wonderful dinner for us at Tawau Golf Club. The food was fantastic and the fellowship was incredible. On my right is Mr. Koh, the owner of the new hotel in town Shervinton Hotel. Leong Kum Fai on my left whom he enjoyed the most that night, he met an old friend from KL. Francis Yeoh holding his cool beer.
Poached chicken was delicious, the meat was sweet with gorgeous flavour. This was a specially bred chicken.
The 4 heavenly veggies comprising of lady fingers, brinjal, angle beans and long beans stir fried with sambal belacan.
A nicely steamed Chicken Fish in simple soy sauce was delicious.

The taste and aroma of Kum Heong fried local crabs was fun and superb.

A simple yet lovely bowl of curry was there to spice up the dinner.
.Sitting on my left is Mr.Lee Yun Chon aka Y C Lee the Captain of Tawau Golf Club.
Mr. Chin at the extreme right has been very kind to us to accompany & entertaint us for all nights in Tawau. Thank you Chin!!!

The fresh & big Tiger prawns we saw at Mr Lim’s place was eventually on the dinner table. They were succulent and tasty.

On behalf of my friends from Kuala Lumpur, I wish to say a big Thank You to Jimmy Quek, Chin and his friends from Tawau. Hope to see you people again be it in Tawau or Kuala Lumpur.


worldwindows said...

A good one for Tawau. Have not visited this place the last 20 years. The seafood there was great. I had a huge silver pomfret and lots of other seafood then....

Sin Tai Lim said...

worldwindows - good memory leh ... one must visit Tawau for a good experience of seafood, right.