Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good View Seafood Restaurant Another Seafood Paradise in Tawau

This row of stalls is the popular Tawau Seafood row prices can be tricky if you are not “localized” The other night we were at the far end at Kam Ling Seafood and this time at opposite patronizing Good View Seafood. Though it does not look so commercial than Kam Ling but there were votes that Good View Seafood is a better choice. I can not see the different and I just fresh seafood.

It was time to order, so much variety and at times just do not know what to order…..

Raw fish thinly sliced with vinegar and ginger was a marvelous appetizer. Another appetizer, Kelabu Sea Weeds or jelly was also ordered to pacify the hungry golfers.

Sabah Sayur Manis is a must try veggie and this one is fried with eggs. It was simply mouthwatering. The wonderful Sabah Sayur manis before being placed into the wok.

Spinach soup with La La clams was also a great choice of the night.
Stir fried morning glory or kangkong with belacan.

A simple steamed grouper with soy sauce & ginger was fresh, sweet and tasty.
I took this irresistible Grouper Fish Head to slowly nibble for its fresh meat & whatever palatable, it was so delicious and fresh.

Fish stomach so thick, this fish stomach must be very big. These were fried with sea cucumber & mushroom.

Another round of fried fish head (this was the third time), guess my friends love this dish very much.

After this wonderful and sumptuous seafood dinner at Good View we headed to Tawau Yacht Club. We met more friends from this great town and they were such good buddies indeed.

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zainiyah said...

woww...really mouthwatering...surely M'sia is truely rich with sorts of food!!