Saturday, October 16, 2010

Famous Ayam Sayap Panggang next to the Old Central Market of Tawau

Tawau BBQ Chicken Wing commonly known as Sayap Ayam Panggang is a popular food here and is popularly available at a food centre next to the Old Central Market.
Before I make this trip a friend of mine, Sahat asked me to try the Sayap Ayam Panggang near Marco Polo Hotel. I found it and it is actually next to this old Central market which I remember having a dinner here during my first visit in 1981.

I also remember this old and original Tawau town as I walked around the area.

One day on our way back to the hotel we stopped by the stalls to buy some of the stuff there. I like the taste of the BBQ Chicken wings very much It was delicious and with interesting smoky flavour.

Chicken innard in skewers, Murtabak and variety of local kueh kueh are as interesting for a good snack.

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