Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Taste of Restoran Sri Keningau Food in Tawau, Sabah

An old classmate of mine, really old friend whom I have not seen in 35 years since we left our secondary school in Kulim, Kedah. Since then he has been living all the while in his home town, Tawau. We were very happy to see each other again. Arbait Boro recommended this eating place as we wanted to try some local Malay / Indonesian / Bugis food in Sabah. We just wanted to get away from those Chinese foods for a while.

Apparently Restoran Sri Keningau has many branches in Sabah especially in the big towns.

Everyone had their own choice of foods though we were slightly late and most of the dishes have finished. It was my choice of Sri Keningau’s food in Tawau. I like it very much.

Everyone was too engrossed in their food and it was a moment of silence merely concentrating on one’s food. No complaint the food must be very good & satisfying.
Restoran Sri Keningau

Jalan Haji Karim, Kompleks Fajar,

91000 Tawau, Sabah

Tel : 089-76 7070
GPS : 4°14'48"N 117°53'23"E

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