Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kedai Kopi Yuan Yuan - Fantastic Mee Soto @ Megah Jaya, Tawau

Jimmy Quek fulfilled his promise to bring us to eat Mee Soto and all the while I thought we will be going to a Malay outlet for Mee Soto. But it turned out to be a Chinese shop of Indonesian origin. The place was packed with people on a Saturday afternoon. The Mee Soto must be good.

Soto soup is an Indonesian soup with herbs & spices served with noodle. I opted for a Bihun Soto Beef soup and I really enjoyed it very much. It was delicious something you can not get it in Kuala Lumpur (I mean its superb taste). Though I am not a Bihun lover but the bihun was really lovely.

Mr. Foong Kea Mun enjoying every minute of this Tawau trip, a homely person but is slowly and surely coming out of his “tempurung”. He too liked the Mee Soto very much.

This chili paste is known as ABC (Ass Burning Chili) it is very spicy hot and interesting. We wanted to buy back this chili but ran out of stock. We have to go to another of their shops to get it.

Apparently this related shop “Yummy Yummy” is a newly opened outlet at Kobota Square and understand that the food here is equally good.

Mee Soto also comes with prawn balls, I tasted one of it and found it to be unique and tasty.
The Menu seen on the wall of Kedai Kopi Yuan Yuan and the prices of the food are very reasonable.

Kedai Kopi Yuan Yuan

TB10749 Taman Megah Jaya,

3.5 Miles Jalan Apas,

91000 Tawau,

Sabah, Malaysia

電話: +60 89-761986
GPS : 4°15'27.69"N, 117° 55'29.69"E


Paul Ooi said...

Hi Sin Tai Lim,

Enjoyed your blog and it certainly took me down those memorylane when I was in Padang Serai. I am your senior when we were in Badlishah.
Those precious pictures, you are one hell of a guy to keep those pictures so well preserved. Thank you for those moments. Kindest regards, Paul

Sin Tai Lim said...

Hi Paul,
Please tell me more about yourself.
I am always looking for old friends especially from the same hometown.