Monday, January 30, 2012

My CNY Day 3 From Sg Petani to Kuala Lumpur

Good morning Sg. Petani and it was the third day of Chinese New Year.
Before all were awake from their sleep, the grandmother and others were already in Yong Lim's house to gather them for another day.
Ho Lin & family.
After failing to visit a Dim Sum shop due to overwhelming crowd we went for alternative place, i.e. Restoran Fu Gui.
Here we were in Sg. Petani @ Restoran Fu Gui for Dim Sum.
Restoran Fu Gui serves good Dim Sum in Sg. Petani.

After our breakfast we visited a newly found archaeological site at Sg. Batu near Sg. Petani.
This archaelogical site was discovered in 2009 and had been verified as the earliest civilisation of South East Asia.
Interestingly Sg Batu was discovered to be an iron smelting hub with several bricks funeral found. The process of of finding is still on going and hopefully more to be discovered.
Looks like Merbok has the richest record of early civilisation in this country, already Bujang Valley was discovered and more to come.
A flow chart of study at Sg. Batu.
No everyone is interested in such findings cos not everyone is Indiana Jones.....
On our way back to KL we detoured to Ipoh to buy salt baked chicken & duck at this shop.
We gave up the idea of eating everywhere was sardine packed.......
Even for a simple Tau Foo Fah, there was a long queue .... really ridiculous.....

Most of us were back to KL and decided to meet at our house instead of going out for dinner. We packed some food for the night. 
The Tay's family....
Khek Yang & Charlene with Mr. Teoh Ah Geok.
Teng, Evelyn & Ah Ngiu
Jo and her favourite white.

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