Monday, January 23, 2012

Khee Liang & Eugenie Wedding Dinner @ Oriental Pavillion

As we grow older our children have turned adults and one by one they get married. 
Congratulation to Ho Lala & Susan and also Khee Liang & Eugenie.
According to Jo this was one of the best wedding dinner she have attended she really enjoyed the food.
Uncle uncle aunty aunty let's cheer for a happy occasion.
Our table was heavy on the whisky and the ladies happy with the white wine.
Chilled lobster & house made Tofu was fabulous despite the salad cream was a bit too much.
Doubled boiled Coral Shark fin in coconut was my top one favourite for the night
Roasted pigeon was delicious.
Deep fried Cod Fish
Deep fried soft shell crab in money bag (soft dumpling)
Braised baby Abalone on Imperial Bean Curd with brocolli
Steamed Glutinous Rice in Bamboo leaf
The delicious glutinous rice.
Most of my friends from Chew Kooi Association on the same table.....

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