Monday, January 09, 2012

Advancecon Annual Dinner 2012

Phum Ang Kia delivering his speech for the year.
8o'clock in the evening and dinner is about to be served .... and lots of "yum seng" are about to be uttered...

Another year has passed, the new year has started and we hope it's going to be a smooth ride despite the uncertain weather cast.

I came with my family with a bit of junior resistance but they have to tag along somehow....hehehe.
Pryscilla Tan, Congratulation for the 10 years service in the company and may you be strong and get well soon.
It's no fun singing to the floor while there were tables "yum senging" all night. Anyway it was good entertainment to some.
Luck girl won a TV, Congratulation!
Miss Lai & Miss Fong were also lucky.

As the tradition goes and mandatory, it's "yum seng" time. 
The energetic colleagues were in high spirit and Yeo was also in top form, well done & cheers....

So were the super young ones, they too were enjoying themselves at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant.
Happy New Year and a good year ahead.

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