Friday, January 06, 2012

Going to Tanjong Berembang, Nibong Tebal for Prawn Curry

We were on another trail to north of Peninsula Malaysia with the intention of visiting relatives and a bit of makan adventure.
3 cars 14 people with an early crisis. One of the cars’ battery went kaput and a slight delay.
Here we were, the GPS device took us here through Nibong Tebal town, a Malay kampong and eventually a dead end next to a connecting bridge.
It was a short walk under the scorching sun with many motorcyclists using the bridge.
Just at the other end of the bridge you will see Lim Aik Chew’s famous “Kari Udang” shop.
 I met two KL friends Lawrence Sze & Simon, not bad out of 7 tables in the shop 2 were friends (feeling at home, hehehe....).
The time was 2.10pm when we were waiting for our food.
Deep fried Golden tail pomfret with preserved bean sauce topping was delicious.
The fresh water prawns specially ordered in advance in their famous curry version, it was spicy and a wonderful experience at Lim Aik Chew. If you miss the supply of fresh water prawns then you will get sea water prawns instead. My advice call first for fresh water prawns.
Steamed roti - a lovely soft bread and the prawn curry was a good match.
The prawns' heads are big and this batch of prawns have sinful roe that you cannot resist.....LOL.
Steamed fish with perserved beans was yummy and fresh.
Stir fried lettuce.
Bye bye Lim Aik Chew, now that we know you and the way to reach you we will come again.

Lim Aik Chew Fresh Water Prawn

436, Tanjong Berembang, 14310 Nibong Tebal.

Tel: 04-5932957 H/P: 016-5904912 (Mr Lim)
Open til 6.00pm
GPS Coordinate : N5 09.048 E100 27.738

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