Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fried Porridge @ Fong Ting Siew, Serdang Kedah

A year ago we were here for the famous fried porridge and we were back with more or less the same people eating  more or less the same food at Fong Ting Siew.
It tasted as good as like before smoky, delicious and sinful because it has a lot of lard in it.
Cockle small in size again in sweet and sour sauce but yummy.
Apple salad with cuttlefish crisp and onions. Truly appetising.
Deep fried lemon grass & ginger pork ribs were aromatically lovely and  the chew of the ribs was tender and succulent.
Sabah veggie stir fried with belacan was good too.
Assam prawns were also sinfully fried with lard and obviously very delicious.
Assam prawns were tangy and pleasing to our taste buds and causing excessive saliva  secreting  from the mouth.
Tom Yam fish which we did not try last year and it was a good choice.
Lemon fried chicken an additional order was made to ensure full satisfaction is observed.
Prices at Restoran Fong Ting Siew was reasonable and it's worthwhile to take the long drive from Kulim to Serdang.


位于 71AJalan Raya, Taman Melur ,09800 Serdang ,Kedah.
Tel : 04-4077939

GPS : 5.20444, 100.61105

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