Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lunch @ Soon Chi Sg Bakap, Nibong Tebal

It was on our way back to back KL during our North Trail, we were supposed to have lunch in Ipoh but time was running out. Kok Leong brought us here, Restoran Soon Chi at the main trunk road of Sungai Bakap.  
The food here was one is of the best during the entire trip of visitings and makan. Pricing was reasonable and service was fast. It's obviously a place that is worth another visit.
Efficiency is the name of the game, hot water in thermos flasks really for your uninterrupted Chinese tea drinking.
Jo wanted to eat "Yip Kwong Hor" and in anticipation of seeing a bright yellow moon on the fried noodle but it did not happen..... anyway the fried noodle was very good it was done the Sungai Bakap style....& way to go Sg. Bakap!!!
A jug of passion drink into Guinness ice packed glasses and it's non-alcohol.
Nice cold and interesting Passion fruit juice.....

Crab porridge was as good as Nibong Tebal's, the crabs were fresh and sweet. Everyone loves it.
Kam Heong La La Clams.
Pork ribs deep fried with salted eggs would be lovely if there were beer or whisky around but unfortunately we are driving....
Simple stir fried cabbage with small dried shrimps and yet ho jiak.
Another veggie just like home cooked stir fried long beans with prawns .... truly yummy.
This is something special, it was a promfret fish (local) done in two tastes, what you are seeing is the super crispy fried fish bones & fins and 100% palatable. and the fish meat is buried under neath.
The first plate of fried koay teow noodle for two person wasn't enough to go around, they wanted to savour more and requested another plate to complete the lunch and this time we requested to see the yellow moon.... I prefer the first plate. Never try telling the local chef how to cook.... stick to their way and you will enjoy the food. "Chow"...
Restoran Soon Chi
794, Jawi Garden
Jalan besar
14200 Sungai Bakap Tel: 04-582-3446
GPS : N 05 13' 58.07, E 100 29' 28.31"

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SimpleGirl said...

I am indeed drooling esp looking at the crab porridge

Sin Tai Lim said...

Simple Girl - well this porridge @ Sg Bakap is awesome. Happy CNY