Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Brief Visit to Penang Island for Courtesy Calls

Our first visit was to Chowrasta Market at Penang Road, the famous wet market in Penang. I get free iced kopi- "O" whenever I am here but provided this Uncle in apron is around. He is still very strong and healthy manning the shop by himself.
It's holiday time the market is packed with all kind of people from all over, let's buy some nutmegs  back home....
The side of Chowrasta Market, don't ever bother to park your car next to it, just park it away and take a stroll.
Next stop was at my mother's apartment, waaaah so many visitors at her home very "lau juawak" & "ong" is coming....
That's all about getting close in a family tie and on behalf of my mother, I would like to say "Kamsiah" for visiting her home.
My mother's hospitality is No.1 and I got a lot to learn from her.
Got Lobak, Siu Yok, pineapple, mango & papaya and all these for sneak. Thank  you,  Mum.

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