Monday, January 16, 2012

Tree Top Walk @ Sg. Sedim, Kedah

Haja, a cousin of Tamijudin my Kulim schoolmate, I have just met him a couple of weeks ago with Tami and I am back here again @ Restoran Haja with my relatives this time for breakfast.
We enjoyed the roti canai, fried chicken and mee goreng specially fried by En. Haja himself. Come to Restoran Haja and savour his lovely Nasi Kandar in Kulim. You will definitely like his Nasi Kandar.
Here we were @ Sg. Sedim Tree Top Walk, we were lost for an hour searching for the place, it was my mistake looking Kuala Sedim instead of Sg. Sedim.The Tree Top Walk Sg.Sedim is an eco-camp resort located in Gunung Inas Forest Reserve, Kulim, Kedah.
Before the walk, the canopy we took a few snaps inside the building where you will see some exhibits of the materials used in the construction of the tree top walk and the ticketing booth for the entry fee.

Okay everyone was ready to walk at the tree top and the weather was excellent, cooling in a real tropical jungle setting, the sound of nature, the smell od nature & etc etc....
With a beautiful river down there, rafting activity is also available should you are interested in it.
We enjoyed the magnificent flora & foliage at Sg. Sedim.
It's safe to walk here as it's well protected with galvanised iron mesh platform and railings.
That's me ..... happy seeing people happy...
And my co-partner .....
Some of the many snaps taken by an amateur photographer...
Looking through & down the walking platform, just be careful don't drop your camera, sun glasses, caps or things that are likely to fall off...if so bye bye to your property.
Time to dip my legs into the cool & chilling water of Sg. Sedim.
Kelvin Yap, a budding photo enthusiast in the making.....
Chu Luei & her dad checking the river of Sg. Sedim.
Some kind of wild orchid....
Beautiful and scenic views of the Sg. Sedim

This walk way can only takes a group of 12 people at a time at a certain stretch. The safety and comfort of the walk must be strictly adhered.
That's it ... the Sg. Sedim Tree Top Walk and it took us about an hour for this mini adventure.
Sg Sedim Tree Top Walk


Julian Si said...

Really nice write-up, great photos of your trip!

All the best, and GONG XI GONG XI from your old home - Abu Dhabi!

ps - Meena Cafe just lost their chefs yesterday :-( Thus, its closed. One fewer place to eat M'sian food :-(

Sin Tai Lim said...

Julian Si - HaPpY hApPy Chinese New Year. I miss AD.