Saturday, January 28, 2012

My CNY Day 1 - 2012

We stayed two nights at Desa Pelangi Apartments at Jalan Logan, Penang. The place needs refurbishment.
Our first meal for the Dragon Year at Pulau Tikus.
Homemade Wan Than Mee - It's always open during the 1st Day of Chinese New Year.
For the boys we bought Mee Goreng for them and from this once a upon a time a famous Mee Goreng stall at Jones Road.

That's the Mee Goreng (Fried Indian Noodle) in takeaway form.

Time to visit my mother at Farlim, Air Itam.
myfamily with my father inlaw
My nieces with a friend and my nephew having a delicious grandma's cooking.

My Jo & Shou Yi having a joyous moment.

Sweet to brighten the Year of the Dragon.
We took shift to eat and we love my mother's food.
Me and my nieces and nephew.
My youngest brother's family & Mum.
Tua Pek's family & mum.
Tua Pek & his nieces & nephew.
Xiang Yi my second son.
Uncle Harry rented a room from us long long time in Green Lane, had a family and now had a grandson, Nick whom sometime my mum will baby sit Nick.
My niece & nephew (Michelle & Jeffery) and their Mum.
Tong Sui for Uncle Harry. Please be careful when riding your bike again, Uncle ok...
Allan Ong (my mum's godson) & wife Gaik Har.
Lilian, my niece have grown up & started a working career how time flies  as I see them grow.
The "Red" team @ a corner playing computer game.
Air Asia should be proud of this people.
Zu Yi was trying to learn how to take care of a baby.

My Uncle (youngest) and his son (Sim Kang Beng) with his young family.
Yong Lim, Uncle Harry Ong & Sim Kang Beng
They speak Malay, Mandarin & English. Their mother is Kadazan & father is Chinese where a Kadazan is a bumiputera, are these two boys also bumiputera?
Sin Boon Chang my uncle was happy to be at this gathering at my mother's place.
Both born on the same year one is an early child and one is a year end child, no wonder one is taller than the other.
My sister Bee Leng & mum taking a break. They have been busy preparing for this festival occasion and we thank both of them for their endless efforts.
Chinese New Year is all to also about eating and eating. And we love to eat.
Mum knows how to please the children.......
My late dad's favourite dish and also mine.
Lobak and those yellowish were chicken lobak.
Fried chicken with lesser oil.
Braised trotter I like the way my mother cut these portions, a  complete ring of braised  portion and super duper delicious.
Big, fresh, succulent & delicious assam prawns.
Fried roasted pork with slight chilli padi and a good paring with my drink.
My favourite fruit & also my late dad's....
Perfect Tong Sui and you don't such quality outside the market.
Braised Tofu as and like what we love to eat as Teochew.
Some of the Chinese New Year decors in the apartment.

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