Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Friends of Titiwangsa Last Challenge of 2011 @ Kelab Rahman Putra

Time to say bye bye to 2010 and we do it by a game of golf. 1st flight with Brandon, Wee, CKK & Denise.
2nd flight were hApPy, Danny, Yeaw & KL.
Chiam, Bagwan, Robert & Ronnie on the 3rd flight.
 Enjoy the golf while we can.....
The rain came but we were patient we waited, we continued and completed the game.
Thinking of the game plan while it pours .....what's the next strategy?
After a tiring day the cold beer was our best friend .

Yes, we came back to Tuck Kee but for his food....
Cheers for 2011 and cheer for the fellowship...
Steamed "Sai Toh" fish balls to entice our appetite.
 Chinese New Year is coming ..... you can smell it here...

Fried fish paste with wonderful aroma and fleshy & bouncy bites.
Pork belly in 2 tastes - and it was a great taste indeed.
Big Oysters on a layer of fried egg served in hot plate.
This was the most expensive dish RM200.00 steam fish head.
Chicken fired with ginger, soy sauce & rice wine.
A dish of nice bitter gourd magic.
 Pork ribs porridge in hot clay pot.

I love this bitter gourd with fish & meat paste...it's so delicious.
Restoran Tuck Kee

No. 39, Jalan Burung Jentayu,

Taman Bukit Maluri


Kuala Lumpur

GPS : 3.199999, 101.632161

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