Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another Lovely Meal @ Pekan Pulau Pangkor

Dinner at the old town of Pulau Pangkor at this restaurant Kiah Lim Restaurtant recommended by Mr. Tan of Seagull Beach Resort Village (the place we stayed in this island). Mr. Tan suggested that we go the place earlier as the service at the restaurant is always slow. The dinner was another gorgeous one where everyone really enjoyed the food.

Pomfret (gold tail) with Assam Sauce - everyone' favourite.
Deep fried squids.
Wonderful Wild Boar Curry. Oysters fried with eggs.

Sweet and sour flower crab.

Sweet and sour mantis prawns.

Glass noodle with dried cuttlefish and spring onions (Hainanese style). Golden fried tofu which looks like french toast,

Every dishes here is delicious and reasonably charged . Thank you Kiah Lim Restaurant.

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