Monday, December 29, 2008

Shopping Marine Products @ Pulau Pangkor

Every good thing has to come to an end and it was time for us to leave Seagull Beach Village Resort, Mr. Tan and our foreign friend Tim were there to see us off. The group was hungry again. Our official breakfast at this corner coffee shop, Restoran Chiang Seng at the only town of this Island (which also a stone throw away to the Jetty).
Curry mee all sold out and left a few bowls of prawn mee (quite good neh). Tried a typical nasi lemak bungkus with sambal fish. Duck rice. Chicken rice. Lotus leaf rice. Just like an ordinary coffee shop, selling ordinary food in the mainland.
A few of us walk across the road opposite the coffee shop to Kheng Hai Chuan (the main wholesaler & distributor of marine products in Pangkor Island). The lady boss, Mrs. Beh gave us a briefing of their operation from the sea and to what they sell in this shop. Please visit Kheng Hai Chuan if you want to buy some dry marine products back home.The place is different from what you will see in the main road, it is off the road and does not look so commercial like the rest but it is offers the best in the island. Look for Mrs. Beh. She such a friendly lady. Tel:05-685-1162 or hp: 019-550-3335. For further info, you can visit this website, back of the shop where you can see their trawlers, factory and the drying space.
At the jetty waiting for our ferry to bring us back to Lumut. It was a crowded weekend, long queue before broading the ferry. A scene besides the jetty.

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