Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thein Family - a Baba Desendant @ Malacca

Brandon and Mike took us down to their memory lane of the Thein family, a house at Pulau Gadong (GPS location: 2.2315, 102.2130), a place once upon a time where young boys like Brandon & Mike were brought up as farm kids, a farm surrounded by paddy rice but not in total in this present day. There are neighbouring plots which have turned into housing schemes. Winter melons seen growing at the field in lieu of paddy. The main activity in the land is now boating making.
It started off as a hobby but now it has turned into a big time business; making simple local fishing boats to catamarans for oversea market. You can visit their website for further details.

Mike was kind enough to give us a tour at his yard.
Despite the change into a commercial boat business from farming, their family characteristic of their grandfather's place is still around. This is their family's trade mark.
Mike’s brother showing us his produce, there are durian, corns, jambu, jack fruits, vegetables, etc, etc … Mike’s brother the farmer entertaining us with pandan coconuts.
Y.B. Brandon and Yeaw Seng Kok with the freshly plucked coconuts,
These are noisy two security guards of this property.

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