Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pantai Remis for Lunch before Pangkor Island

It was time for lunch and we managed to stick to our plan to detour slightly and going further north to Pantai Remis for lunch. Thanks to for the tips to make our venture to Ma Ga Ka trip possible.
We arrived at the Jack Fruit (Tree’s) Foot at 1.45pm and the shop was still closed (opens at 2.00pm). A lady welcomed us immediately. We were the first customer and without wasting any time we requested some dishes for our hungry tummies.

First came the interesting prawn fritters.
Mashed Yam with dried shrimps – very unique and tasty.
Snails fried with dried chilli.
Fish maw with fish ball soup.
Flower crabs fried with cucumber – a home cooked style.
Very fresh steamed Red Snapper.

La La was as good..
Not forgetting the powerful and fresh toddy which goes very well with Guinness Stout. It was definitely worth burning the extra petrol for the memorable experience at this Ma Ga Ka.

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cupnoodles said...

glad to see that you made it and enjoyed the food there, very rare place, i will be going there this weekend myself, can't wait ;)